Expected in Jun 2023
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Master in Computer Technology

Jun 2020
Communication University of China
Bachelor in Information Security


06/2022 – 09/2022
Amazon (China) Holding Company Limited
Software Development Engineer
Internship Project: GRF Unified Dashboard

  • Consumed big data tables in the internal data lake by subscribing to Redshift Spectrum, performed data analysis with
    massive amounts of data and dumped the result into Redshift local tables.
  • Created multiple interactive QuickSight dashboards based on Redshift data. Implemented Lambda function to generate
    dashboard embedded URL by calling the QuickSight API.
  • Developed React application by using internal framework and UI components, fetched dashboard embedded URL through API
    Gateway endpoint and embed dashboard on the website.
  • Managed resources (including Lambda, API Gateway, Redshift, IAM, etc) through CDK and pipeline.


09/2021 – 06/2022
Java Program Analysis System

  • Reproduced paper experiment with datalog engine and pointer analysis framework Doop, verified that gadget chains in
    Commons-Collections 3.1 can be covered.
  • Designed the architecture and execution process of the Java program analysis system.
  • Implemented data collection and processing module based on the Soot analysis framework.
  • Developed analysis module based on the Java unit test automatic generation tools Randoop and EvoSuite, including
    detection logic and verification logic.

01/2021 – 09/2021
Distributed Tracing System

  • Responsible for OpenStack cloud platform deployment, including Packstack, source code and Kolla-Ansible deployment.
  • Developed distributed tracing system for OpenStack cloud platform based on Jaeger, verified that it supports tracing
    for five components: Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, and Heat.
  • Instrumented the source code of OpenStack core components, the instrumentation points including database sessions,
    function calls, RPC calls, WSGI middleware, etc.
  • Packaged distributed tracing system and instrumented the source code into Docker images, supporting Kolla-Ansible
    automated deployment.

09/2020 – 01/2021
Self-developed Blockchain Project

  • Designed the authentication scheme with reference to FISCO-BCOS and Fabric.
  • Implemented Certificate Authority and one-way TLS based on the Chinese national encryption algorithm, used
    certificates to distinguish node roles, and supported CA blacklist.
  • Packaged the source code of blockchain and CA into Docker images.


10/2019 - 06/2020
Counselor assistant, School of Computer and Cyber Science, Communication University of China

Volunteer of the school anniversary in Communication University of China

10/2019 – 11/2019
Volunteer team leader of the 5th China Collegiate Programming Contest Final


2021–2022 The First-class Academic Scholarship

2020–2021 The First-class Academic Scholarship

2020 Outstanding Graduate of Universities in Beijing
2020 Outstanding Graduate of Communication University of China

2018-2019 Merit Student
2018-2019 The First-class Academic Scholarship
2018-2019 Research Competition Individual Award
2018-2019 CCTV Scholarship

2019 China Collegiate Programming Contest of Girls Bronze Award

The 10th Lanqiao Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Competition, the third prize of
Group A of C/C++ Programming in Beijing

2017–2018 Merit Student
2017–2018 The Second-class Scholarship

2016–2017 Merit Student
2016–2017 The First-class Scholarship



  • Chinese - Native
  • English - CET6/576

Programming Languages

  • Java, Python, Golang, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript


  • Native React, Jaeger, Soot, Randoop, gRPC, Spring Boot, Dubbo

Familiar with

  • Linux, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, AWS
  • MySQL, Redshift, Spectrum, Neo4j, ELK, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Ansible, Kolla-Ansible, Travis-CI, GitHub Action


  • Conscientious postgraduate student with development experience interested in learning new skills as a backend
  • Experienced problem solver who remains calm under pressure while resolving issues to a satisfactory end.
  • Active contributor who makes contributions to Github open source projects and advocates to make a better world.